Post-sale service

  The company earnestly implement the "customer service, responsible for customer, satisfactory the customer " purposes, and ensure to provide customers with quality products, and undertake the following:
  1、Where in our company opened mold, free warranty for a period of 1 years, as a result of our cause quality problems, our free maintenance (man-made causes and abnormal use except).All die in the warranty period our company will continue to provide life-long repair, see weight charge appropriate repair costs.
  2、Customers in the use of Jintian Ltd product quality problems found, Jintian Ltd after receiving the client message prompt reply or send technical service personnel in place within 24 hours, assist users with quality accident.
The Jintian Ltd quality inspection departments to confirm existing quality problem, Jintian Ltd to achieve three packs, namely "determine returned, determined to repair". due to other causes, the company actively assisting the user to solve.
  3、Regular visits to customers, humbly accepted the customer suggestions.
  4、The company product process, technology and other major adjustment, promptly notify users, to ensure that the information communication.
   Warmly welcome the broad masses of customers to my company's product quality put forward valuable suggestions for improvement.

  Sales contacts
  Contact person: Wang Chun Xia
  Sales Hotline:0510-85435080
  After sale service telephone:  0510-81132300-810

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