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About Jintian

      As a private enterprise in China, Chinese culture has given the company's corporate culture, at the same time be spread in company history, receive substantial new content.

      The “Jintian” word come from two idioms that “excellent gold and jade” and “Things have changed a lot” in Chinese, The former express a character beautifully pure or articles and the latter express things have changed a lot.

  “Jintian” stands for ours dream, laying a solid foundation for its excellent quality and in the opportunity to show our ambitious goals. Jintian relies on talented team, excellent equipment, manufacture high-end, solid cast Centennial; jintian will gradually grow from tiny "Mulberry fields" to a vast "sea", with a broad mind, attracting a variety of talents, benefit humanity. Jintian will be a carp, fly freely between heaven and Earth.

  “Jintian” is the same tongue with “today” in Chinese,In the river of time, today, is the most genuine, most easy to grasp, and the most difficult to grasp. A poet said: "man's life only three days---yesterday, today and tomorrow. Yesterday is over; today is at the foot, but shorten every second; tomorrow is hope, is called, is a challenge. "Enterprise is also true. Yesterday, has quietly gone, never come back, quietly passing today, tomorrow is a mystery. Countless cases have fully demonstrated the "threw himself into opportunities do not wait," the truth. Gold fields were more understanding of the meaning of life: the life pursuit, to fight, to fight, to firmly seize the day. Seize the day, joining "jintian" work together to move forward together towards a better tomorrow.

  Enterprise mission-- Wisdom leads the future

  Corporate vision-- Create sophisticated technology made the world jintian

  The spirit of enterprise-- No conscious effort to rest up    Strive for the world first

  Core values-- Innovation     accumulated      full participation

  Enterprise style-- Implementing policy Act Stern quickly      Good also for better

  Business philosophy -- Keep its promise        Fair and Just

  Operating principle-- Steady growth    Adjusting structure    For transformation

  Management concept-- Without scientific management will not have the advanced productive forces

  Employment concept-- Applicable talents      Adapt to the position requirements     Wage unity personnel

  Quality declaration:

  Quality is the life of our company, the lifeline of business is made up of each employee's quality of work, life has only one time. As work on μm accuracy on a daily basis, moment by moment, trembling, liking skating on thin ice. We always follow the international quality management system model, strict quality management, each employee must strict: does not receive defective products, does not manufacturing defect, does not deliver bad product! Who manufacture defect, who settled down their own enterprise life in Jintian.

  Companies adheres to the quality of survival, to the quality of development, and benefit from quality, relying on international advanced processing equipment and testing equipment, relying on a dare to do superior skills team, ensure that the product is a fine one, is the product of Arts and crafts, is the customer’s satisfaction items.

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