New energy technology center

  Jiangsu new energy automotive engineering technology research center(hereinafter referred to as "research center.")jointly established by Wuxi Jintian precision mold Limited company, Hunan University, Hefei University of Technology, specialized in the core of the new energy vehicle parts and components research, development,manufacturing production and research organizations.
  At present, the research center has a total of 10 people, doctoral tutor Zhou yunshan served as the director of the research center, senior engineer Jiang Xuejun served as deputy director, the members respectively by 5 doctors and 3 masters.
  Research Center actively research the core components of new energy cars, closely tracking the domestic and international new energy cars to the forefront of science and technology, has successfully developed the new energy car gear type automatic transmission and is researching the DC permanent magnet brushless motor, motor controller, preparation of R & D BEV power assembly technology, the core components and power assembly testing technology, energy management system (BMS), hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) power assembly. Research Center has obtained seven utility model patents, one software copyrights, three entered a substantive review of the invention patent application, established a leading position in the industry.
  Wuxi Jintian Yuanfeng Sci.&Tech.Inc., Ltd. has been independently developed various types of test bench, the involved key technology and equipment of BEV flexible automatic assembly line, which lay a solid foundation for Trial production.
  Research center plans to use three years to build perfect organization management, personnel training mechanism, organization operation to get mature development; In addition, In the achievement transformation, social benefits, economic benefits and other aspects, to obtain better performance that Contributing to society.

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