Employee welfare

  One,  Social welfare

  1, Social insurance:
The company for all staff to pay six insurance:
  1)Basic pension insurance;
  2)Basic medical insurance;
  3)Unemployment insurance;
  4)Industrial injury insurance;
  5)Maternity insurance;
  6)Supplementary medical insurance.

   2, Accumulation fund:
  The company paid for the employee housing provident fund.

  3, Paid vacation:Marriage leave, maternity leave, compassionate leave, annual leave, the industrial injury leave.

  Two,   Enterprise benefits

  1, Education allowance:
  According to the record of formal schooling enjoy subsidy, the company encourages employees to use spare time to learn, achieve higher education.

  2, Housing allowance:
  All employees are to enjoy the same housing subsidies.

  3, Transportation allowance:
  Self drive car workers enjoy gasoline subsidies, other employees enjoy allowance.

  4, Employment subsidies:
  Employees in the company's continuous work every year to enjoy the service subsidies, no limit.

  5, Night shift allowance:
  In addition to providing free meals, also give the shift or night shift allowance.

  6, Accident insurance:
  Additional staff for the purchase of a accident insurance.

  7, Free meal:
  For every shift staff to provide a free meal for the staff to provide free, overtime meals.

  8, Festive supplies:
  During the Spring Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, the Mid-Autumn Festival and other major festivals obtained during holiday real.

  9, Wedding gifts:
  To meet the national marriage law's first marriage, according to the company level delivery expensive gifts.

  10, Condolences:
  Company unions raise mutual funds, when the family bereavement, disease emergence of unexpected events such as difficulty, company unions will give certain condolences.

  11, Social cultural activities:
  The company timely organizes staff to carry out tourism, entertainment and other activities.

  12, Training fee:
  The company pays the cost of sending backbone staff to the training institutions for relevant business training.

  13, Medical staff:
  The company annually arranges health check of all employees.

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