Staff salary

  1、Fixed salary
  Intern and probation staffs enjoy the fixed cost of living or fixed salary.

  2、Ability to pay
  The formal labor wage structure: Wage salary + performance, which accounted for a higher proportion of performance salary, reflected the staff relies on ability salary allocation principle, mainly including the ability to wage (work assessment, evaluation, reward salary) 5S, exceeding Production Award, not absent award.

  3、The year-end bonus
  According to the performance of the company that provides bonus for the staffs. Year end bonus directly reflects the employee performance and contribution reflect the salary incentive performance orientation.

  4、Annual salary adjustment
  The company established a compensation adjustment mechanism. Each year with the external market wage standard, according to the alignment of the adjustment of the company's salary system, and is held annually in January and July, according to the staff of half yearly / annual performance, to pay.

  5、Special Award
  For the year with excellent performance and team work, the company also offers various special awards, to reflect the excellent staff team, the timely recognition and reward.

  6、The stock option
  The company interested in providing with stock options for those committed to
Jintian’s long-term development and performance continued excellent backbone employees, designed to allow employees to share the growth of company performance, make employee personal interests and the long-term interests of the company development together.


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