Staff training

  1、Tutor apprentice system: Jintian Ltd established a set of effective apprentice system, designed to help new employees (including no skills of graduating students, just entered the community) learn all kinds of technologies from Jintian master then suit the situation as soon as possible in the work and life, identity Jintian culture, achieve proficiency in a particular line after the Jintian services, training fields reserve talents.

  2、New employee orientation system: The department heads will be assigned to a senior staff of their mentor, their FAQ, help and guidance in the work life, understand and agree Jintian culture, master the basic business processes and codes of conduct for every new employee. Including the introduction of companies around the environment and help them to overcome the difficulties that may arise in the work just took over.
Two months of the regular staff, new employees become the mentor to be responsible for the performance of the new employees; will also affect the performance of new employees to mentor my job performance.

  3、Public class training: Training program that applies to all employees and leading cadres are at all levels, major cultural training.

  4、Outsourcing Training: The company pays to send the backbone employees to training institutions on business training.

  5、The cadre Leadership training :
  To monitor, family, the ministerial level and above cadres have leadership skills upgrading training; to help all levels of cadres to set up correct leadership concept, enhance competency post for the management skills and methods.

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