Growth path

  In order to improve staff competency, promote employee occupation development, the company introduced a series of measures to assist the staff development, staff development and success.
  1、Mentor / apprentice chef made:Mentor / apprentice with the new employees on a regular basis to conduct interviews counseling to help new employees adapt to the working environment as soon as possible , to upgrade their skills , and good career development planning guide new employees , the company regularly evaluation of new hires , tripartite joint efforts to promote the growth of new employees or rooted Jintian .
  2、The company provides the two sequences of managerial and professional career development channel management positions at all levels of personnel management channel is set , the professional channel is set for machine operators and technicians .

  3、Employee career management: To promote employee growth and development of the company, the company has implemented employee career management process.

  The development process of the company to focus on the organizational level, departments and individuals to focus on the personal level of the development process, and ultimately achieve both organic unity.


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