Company Address: Singapore Industrial Park, Wuxi City , Jiangsu Province , China , Xixing Road on the 5th.
    Postal Code: 214028
    Company Transportation:
    1,Aircraft:15 minutes by taxi from the Shuofang airport to Jintian.
    2, Train: Take a taxi to the Jintian, from the East Railway Station of Wuxi , Wuxi New District Station 15 minutes, and 30 minutes from Wuxi Station .
    3, Expressway: Nanjing to Wuxi, Wuxi east exit speed from the Shanghai-Nanjing Expressway, 10 minutes to reach the Jintian; Shanghai to Wuxi, Wuxi New District put the direction of the airport from the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed to the Su Nanshuo exit speed, 10 minutes to reach the Jintian.
    4, Bus: The Wuxi city by 752、765、771 buses to the station of “Knight Material”, take the 767 bus to “Mustapa fishing gear”, walk 3-5 minutes to reach the Gold Fields. Company location (dynamic electronic map):

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